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Industry has certain standards of applications and websites that will not work, as you have thought of, unless they are built in Java. More and more applications are developed and are created every day. Java is fast, secure, and reliable. From laptops to Data Centers, Gaming Devices to the most dumb TV, cell phones to the Internet, Java is virtually everywhere !.

Java is a simple, object-oriented, distributed, interpreted, robust, secure, architecture neutral, portable, multi-threaded, and dynamic language.” From its’ first small appearance Java has gained more and more popularity over the developer’s world. Many open source solutions rely upon Java. The community behind it determines standards and development patterns that are the basics of many Java frameworks.

What we Provide
DS provides application development services in Java, J2EE and J2ME technology. We provide design, develop, integrate and deployment services in Java and J2EE. Experienced and mature development services are available that can efficiently utilize the technology with Java Application Server and the J2EE Framework, including JMS (java’s messaging services), EJBS (Enterprise JavaBeans) & Databases( JDBC).

Experience we command : by age Java has grown mature

  • You need to develop multi-platform applications(Linux/Windows/Unix/Mac) for example Banking and Finance applications
  • Mobile and/or web applications are the main areas: Mobile Transactions


  • Java is very platform independent, adaptive to diverse running environment
  • Overall development and migration cost lower the complete TCO
  • Being platform independent, hardware and software can be upgraded anytime.

  • Is supported by multiple Cloud Hosting Services


  • Transactional applications
  • Mobile Applications Android
  • Portals/ CMS/ EMS
  • Embedded Development ( HHT / Smart Cards / Finger Prints/Network equip)
  • Enterprise Applications ( Large servers / middlewares / data ware house)

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REI Got Major Project from Jaipur City. It is big opportunity for us. For More information...



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