Building Custom Mobile, Web, and Database Software

We are full service, end to end, mobile, web and database software development specialists. This means that we help you all the way through the full circle of your project:

  • Building your Systems
  • Helping you Host and Run Them
  • Day to Day Support of Your Systems

Serving the Dallas/Ft.Worth Area

We help businesses run smoothly, be more productive, save money, reduce wasted time and overcome hurdles by providing custom solutions to their unique web and software needs. When a client's situation requires a solution that can't be bought in a box or off a shelf that's where we come in - that's what we do.

Headquartered in Plano, Texas, we provide custom software development services to clients in Dallas, Ft. Worth, DFW, Texas and nationwide. Our goal is to build custom applications, custom database, and custom business solutions that solve business problems.

"ICON solves your unique, complex problems making your business run faster, smoother and more efficiently."

Steve Imam - Director Financial Services, ICON Solutions

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