Our Process

A streamlined three steps - design, development, and deployment process to make your business application stand out in market.

Our Process

DESIGN: Phase of a project consists of all tasks related to the development of an integrated project plan, establishment of communication rules, and key business processes. Tasks include the following: Define, prepare and approve an integrated project plan, budget, design & development procedures, and project communications. Identify the project team members, roles, and responsibilities. Define the “Current” processes, interface requirements, conversion mapping, and technical infrastructure to support the project team’s development efforts.

DEVELOPMENT: Phase builds upon the initial work completed in the Define phase by creating the new business processes and related system setup and modifications. Furthermore conversion and interface programs are written. Tasks include the following: Develop the new business processes and operational structure. Gather requirements for the new technology infrastructure. Complete detail design of the technical architecture, data conversion software, interfaces, custom forms and reports, and any required software enhancements. Complete system and software development and prepare testing for the implementation of the production system, procedural changes, and production support strategy defined.

DEPLOYMENT: Phase defines steps for “Go Live”. System is user acceptance tested, approved, and then transferred to a production environment. Tasks include: Perform technical and business process integration tests to ensure the system works in accordance with the new process designs and technical requirements. Implement the system once the testing is complete. Rollout and support the application.

Our Skills