Solr Consultancy

Over 15 years of experience developing web and database systems have made us experts in all the major development systems that are used today.

Solr Consultancy

Solr is a famous, open source and powerful full-text search engine from Apache. Solr is used to implement relevant, fast and scalable search on large data.

We provide our services to design and implement search feature for your site to enhance its relevancy, performance and scalability using Solr. Consultancy services are provided for new and existing sites. Existing sites get benefit from our experience to improve relevancy, performance and scalability of search. New sites get our expert opinion on how the search should be build from ground up keeping in mind the scalability.

It is specially most beneficial for high traffic sites for which are having issues with their existing search. Solr can be integrated with a wide range of sites like eCommerce, Blogs, Knowledge base, wikis, social networking engines, forums, CMS and many open source frameworks.

We can also help you improve existing Solr implementation by using our expertise in search algorithms, advanced features of Solr and scalability. So if you need help with any aspect of search or your existing Solr implementation, we are the right people to get connected with.

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