Search as a Service

Over 15 years of experience developing web and database systems have made us experts in all the major development systems that are used today.

Search as a Service

We provide hosted full-text search based on Sphinx Search. Our full-text search service is hosted, super-fast, scalable with advanced algorithms for sorting. Our excellent API makes it easy to integrate full-text search into your existing application. Our hosted search is scalable, so no matter if your data is growing at fast pace. If you’re looking for cost-effective and hassle free search solution, then you are at right place.

Search is fully customized for your needs and you can control all aspects of it, like sorting weights, which type of data to be searched, api calls etc. Our experts help you design search that fits your needs and once done you don’t have to worry about maintaining the servers, software versions and security etc.

Key Features Search

  • Powered by latest Sphinx
  • Optimized servers for for Sphinx Search
  • Fully hosted you don’t have to manage any hardware
  • Co location options available
  • Support to implement and improve search relevance
  • Data from MySQL, PostgreSQL, MS SQL Server, Oracle, ODBC Sources etc

API Features

  • Real-time or fixed time updates available
  • Geo spatial search enabled
  • Restful API
  • Fast, easy and clean to integrate

Search Customization

  • Advanced Scoring and sorting
  • Snippets & search highlighting
  • Faceting & Morphology available
  • “Fuzzy” Search
  • “Keyword Suggestion
  • “Spell Correction
  • and more

Client libraries

  • Just a REST call
  • Returns JSON

Our Skills