Full Text Search Services

Over 15 years of experience developing web and database systems have made us experts in all the major development systems that are used today.

Custom Search Engine

Search feature has become and vital part of any web system. It help visitor to find what they are looking for in an easy way. Our services help you implement smart, fast, and scalable full-text search engine for your site.

A relevant search engine can help increase conversion and reduced costs. A smart search can help user to navigate quickly by providing options to filter and group results. Doing this with conventional databases is expensive, we help sites to achieve this in very cost effective and efficient manner.

Our search engine services include:

Search Engine Implementation

Internet business systems and applications are reliant on their data bank and access processes. Smart, relevant, scalable and fast retrieval of information help them to lead the businesses. Limited expertise, improper functionality and week processes result search engine implementation with no grades.

We help sites to implement search engine which is customized, smart and fast. Our experts are equipped with experience and technologies to build and fine tune search engine for any site. We have experience building search engine for B2B portals, classified ads portals, review sites, blogs, forums, eCommerce sites, recommendation engines and more. Our solutions either developing new search engine or improving existing search engine has helped customers to increase conversion, sales and improve user experience.

Our solutions allow you to control ranking of results not only based on relevance but also based on business defined priorities, gives you control over content ranking and indexing. We provide powerful widget like related searches, top searches and recent searches to provide better search engine experience and let users discover the content they are looking for.

Imagine a site listing products from members overlooking level of membership or return no results, duplicate results, or irrelevant results would only frustrate user . A good search engine would take relevance and membership both into account when ranking. Search engines implemented on conventional databases are unable to achieve this level of control with high performance.

The process of implementation works in simple steps which include

  • Our experts perform detail analysis.
  • Device requirement documentation, reflecting analysis.
  • Search engine development and configuration.
  • Search engine implementation, testing and deployment.
  • Professional training on maintenance of your search engine.

The result of detailed process and best practices is a quality solution, tested for high performance, scalability and optimized search engine for your site.

Search Engine Consulting

Search engines globally brings the search feature to next level, end users looks for better functionality and high availability. Advance functionality from auto complete to relevancy has become part of modern search engines. Our experts help you to identify best features pertain to your needs and industry standards, appropriate for your business requirements and goals.

This service is most useful for portals which want to drive more conversions, sales and improve user experience. Our experts analyze existing search engine for your site and suggest improvements and new features. We also assist you implement those features. Most of the time the search becomes slow due to ever increasing data and traffic. We help scale the search engine for your site and improve its performance. This allows business and startups to add more innovative ways of searching into their sites at very low cost.

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