Sphinx Search Services

Over 15 years of experience developing web and database systems have made us experts in all the major development systems that are used today.

Sphinx Search Implementation

Sphinx Search is an open source full-text search server, built for search quality, performance and scalability. It complement relational databases with its powerful search features. We provide services in every aspect of Sphinx search, starting from basic installation to building large scale cluster.

Our Service Areas are:

Sphinx Search Implementation

We can help you implement Sphinx search for your site to enhance search relevancy, performance and reduce hardware costs. Enhanced performance will not only improve visitor conversions but also helps gain more traffic.

Sphinx integration services are provided for both new and existing sites. Existing sites specially find this useful as it help to serve more traffic, smartly handle content with options to filter results as per user’s needs.

This service is tailored to serve high traffic sites for eCommerce, Blogs, Knowledge base, wikis, social networking engines, forums, CMS. No matter if your site is based on some open source CMS or you have built it from scratch, we can help you integrate sphinx into it. Our Services are:

  • Open source CMS: We provide integration services for sites built on famous open source CMS and frameworks. Below is the list of CMS we support
    • eCommerce: Magento, osCommerce, Prestatshop, ZenCart, X-Cart, VirtueMart, OpenCart etc.
    • CMS / Blogs / Forums: WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Vbulliten, phpBB and more…
    • Wiki: MediaWiki, TWiki and more…
    • Social Networking Engines: phpFox, SocialEngine and more…
  • Open source Frameworks: We provide sphinx integration service for sites using open source frameworks which are CodeIgniter, YII, ZendFramework, CakePHP, Symfony and more..
  • Solutions for Customized Sites: We also provide integration services for sites which have custom code and design. Our consultants can work with customer’s development teams in close coordinations or modify code our self to implement Sphinx in efficient and optimized way.

Sphinx Consulting

Our team has planned and implemented Sphinx for a lot of web applications and portals with massive amount of data. Sphinx integration helps to offload the relational database from its most difficult and performance-intensive workload.

Our Sphinx consulting services helps you in following ways:

  • Help you to device project architecture, conceptualizing Sphinx Search for your website.
  • If you are planning to utilize Sphinx Search for new project. We will help you to finalize detailed recommendation evaluating Sphinx Search for your project.
  • Ensure the application meets current and sustainable needs.
  • Ensure best industry practices and techniques.

If you need Sphinx consulting, simply drop a contact note to start the process. View our portfolio to view and know more about our work.

Sphinx Performance Tuning Services

If your search system taking times, not equipped with latest Sphinx features, performance issues, we will help to identify issues and optimize systems. This service is tailored for sites which are already using Sphinx, but having issue with its performance when indexing or searching. We help to implement delta indexing, ranged queries and other best practices to optimize data indexing and searching.

We help optimize the Sphinx Search configurations, optimize indexing and optimize searching. We introduce best practice to ensure easy maintainability and scalability. If you need Sphinx performance tuning, simply drop a contact note to start the process. View our portfolio to view and know more about our work.

Sphinx Installation Services

These services help sites which need to install, upgrade or maintain Sphinx installations. Get our expert to get Sphinx installed or upgraded in optimized way. Using latest and greatest versions will help you implement new features.

We can also suggest you when its good time to upgrade to newer version by analysing your use and new features introduced. If you need Sphinx installation, simply drop a contact note to start the process. View our portfolio to view and know more about our work.

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